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Hertel Hähnchen - a truly multifaceted company

The Hertel family business has grown considerably since its founding in 1967: Nowadays over 200 employees work to ensure your mobile Bavarian barbeque pleasure. There is lots of work to do until our clients can take their Hertel chicken home. This is why the variety of jobs we offer, surely won't disappoint you: branch managers, sales consultants in the field, cleaning specialists, truck drivers, spice'n'spit experts, baker, payroll clerk, advertising specialists, construction mechanics, refrigeration plant mechanics,.... and last but not least grill masters.

A family business offering best working conditions:

Hertel Hähnchen is a owner-managed family business:  Our hierarchy is flat, the decision making process short and the instructions are clear and transparent. We know that happy and motivated employees are our most valued asset and the key to success. This is why we are offering you a permanent position, performance-linked payment, individually set working hours, opportunities for further professional training and development and a pleasant working atmosphere. 

Careers at Hertel Hähnchen

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